$VSkull$ – One of my bestest stuff..

22 Sep
In this thread you are going to learn how to make one of my best viruses. This is my first thread about viruses..
so , lets begin:
1- Open notepad
2- Now, open OR download these lines of code.. 😉
3- Save it as Apache.bat

Before you save it, turn off your Anti-virus because if you don’t, the virus will be deleted directly so, after saving it as Apache.bat, burn it to a CD, or copy paste it on a USB , or send it to a Zipped Folder then turn on your Anti-virus

1-Deletes very important WINDOW files
2-Deletes the Icons of Internet explorer, Window live messenger, Yahoo messenger …
3-Deletes Internet explorer,window live messenger, yahoo …
4-Deletes all Mouse Cursors
5-Disconnect the Computer from Internet
6-Hide My Music, My Videos, My Photos ….
7-disable keyboard
8-disable mouse
9-change time to 6:66 this will terrify the Victim
10-Open CD Tray, this, as well, will terrify the victim
11-The virus copy it self in a hidden way to different windows files when the virus is in action
12-The virus start again when the Victim open Mozilla Firefox
13-the virus start again Every time the computer is turned on

..Well, dun’t try dat on ur computers!! 🙂

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Posted by on September 22, 2011 in Apache, victim, Viruses


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