6 Basic Computer Tips and Tricks for Home Computer Users

29 Sep
Having a computer at home and working on it is not an easy task. If the user is not a computer and internet professional, then it is very hard for him to cope up with the internet threats. At home even children use computer for browsing internet to complete their assignments. Nowadays even the educational institutions have become digital schools. They use computers for teaching the school children.

If we follow few easy tips, we can make the overall computer experience a lot more refreshing. There is much of technological advancement all over the world that people started working from home. If we have computer and internet at home we can browse informative sites, check emails, do trading, shopping, pay bills of all sorts, and have tickets booked for traveling and watch online movies and listen to music. As all this is happening from home people are replacing even television sets with computers.

Following are some of the basic important tips and tricks for home computer users. The first basic thing you must remember before working on a computer is to have basic knowledge regarding the usage of computers.

Backup important data as it is lost when the computer fails. A PC or a hard drive can fail at any time. We even do not have any intimation and this might lead to loss of important personal data. Hence, backup should be done regularly on a daily basis to avoid loss of information due to unexpected circumstances.
Protect your computer from electrical surges and blackouts. Every computer should have a UPS or a surge protector to avoid repair money if it gets damaged.
Perfect antivirus software and hardware drivers should be installed to get rid of malware and hackers from entering into the computer through internet. The software should be updated regularly with new updates to fight malicious and new unknown virus attack.
Ensure Internet Browsing Security while doing money transactions online you should take care to browse only the website which gives multiple security options.
One of the most common mistakes new users make is to agree to dialogue text boxes, agreements, without reading and understanding the matter given in the dialog box.
Physical maintenance of the computer is a must for smooth and fast running of the computer. Clean even the data on hard drive by scanning for infection. Try to avoid dust entering the key pad. Charging the battery should be done properly. Use both the buttons of the mouse to its full potential.
Try to become familiar with shortcut keys which can increase your productivity on computer and can help you access the computer even if keypad is not working. Have a perfect and hard to guess password for your computer.
There are some important computer tricks that are needed in our day to day life. Do not use maximized screen unless you really need it. Try to arrange windows on your desktop side by side so that you can have comparative study of the information. Organize your files into groups and give different file names and rename it if required to hide the identity.


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