How to Know/get the IP Address from MSN or other IRC

30 Mar

get ip

Some were asking about finding IP addresses , but they didnt tell about whose IP address to find and where so m trying to make a post on this .IM (instant messangers ) like Facebook , gtalk , MSN , or any local IRC .. all of these have different topology or architecture or algorithm for chat function lets first discuss about it .

Get ip from facebook or Gtalk here..
Get ip from MSN or others here..
Get ip from emails etc here..

MSN or local IRC

When u chat with your friend using MSN or local IRC , behind the scene you are actually directly connected to the person’s system itself .


When you start chat with any of your friend , first the chat server connects itself to you as well as your friend and when both connections are fully established , it removes itself from the middle and connects both the system’s to one another.

In this case getting IP is very easy , follow these :

  • before starting chat issue a command netstat -a or netstat -an or netstat -an -p tcp in ur command prompt .(i’ll explain)
  • now start chat and after exchanging 2-3 messages again issue same command .
  • now compare both results .. is there any new connection in 2nd scan which was not there in previous scan !!!
  • thats the IP of your friend.

[PS: make sure no other connections are opened in your browser]

Explanation of the commands : (you can get this by typing netstat /? in your command prompt 😛 )

  • netstat -a : this command is used to display all connection and listening ports (this command takes time )
  • netstat -an : this is almost same as netstat -a but it works faster as it diaplays data in numerical form
  • netstat -an -p tcp : this command is an extension of netstat -an just a filter is used by adding -p tcp in it , it displays tcp connections only . (u’ll need this)
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