How to hack into someones pc using keylogger

31 Mar

This a revised version of our post on hacking into someones’s pc using keylogger. A lot of people have been asking about the newer cracked version of  keylogger.

Ardamax keylogger 3.8.9

Download here

Install the keylogger and register it using given key.

Remote installation

  • Make account on any web hosting site like
  • Go to FTP options and make new dir
  • Now go to Remote installation option,
  • Once its open, click next
  • Keep the installation folder to windows system folder, additional components to log viewer, check the box that say append the keylogger engine to file and select the file (This is optional, if you select any file here, it will also open once the keylogger file is opened), click next
  • Check all boxes in inadvisability, click next
  • Enable security, keep any password, check all boxes and click next
  • Leave the options to default (you may change them according to your wish), click next
  • Check send logs and select your desired time after which the logs will be sent to you, select delivery method to FTP, log format to HTML, and in include select everything as per your wish, click next
  • Now you have to give your web host details. In send to enter your webhost address like, then your username and password of that web host and then your dir name in which you want the logs to appear, test it, if it connects then click next, otherwise you might have made some mistake there, so review.
  • Then select the controls, screenshots, webcam, destination, icon as per your wish (icon should be such that it can trap the victim easily)
  • Click finish and here you are done with you remote keylogger file.
Now all you have to do is share this file and make someone open it. Once its opened you will start getting the logs on your FTP host.


Note : Any anti virus can detect this file, so if  you are smart enough to make the victim turn off his anti virus and then open it , thats really cool, otherwise if you want it to go undetected then you will have to crypt it. For that you will have to use any FUD (Fully undetectable ) crypter.

What is FUD crypter?

A FUD crypter is a software that can be used to encrypt your executable filesso that they can become undetectable with Antivirus & Anti-Spyware programs.
These executable files are mainly viruses, RATs, Keyloggers and other spyware programs.
Any FUD crypter stays undetected for a week or two and then the antivirus can detect its crypted file again.

I will update you guys with a working FUD crypter soon 🙂

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