I start every single morning with a breakfast of iron. I eat nails and shit razors. Then I go to my computer and delete every single piece of fanmail I have recieved within the night without even bothering to read them. The amount of daily fanmail is measured in googolplexes. That is because I am a high-profile rock star. About 90% of the European population have my name tattooed somewhere on their skin.

I have many talents. I possess a superior analytic intelligence and my knowledge about everything and all is beyond anything ever known to mankind before me. ( lol 😀 kidding)

My father is Thor, the God of Thunder, and my mother is the Hive Queen from Aliens. That mentioned you might already know why I don’t dig bullshit applications.

Because you want to know more about me you can read my biography. It’s called “Beowulf”.. :p
so.. ultimatelyy..all i want is to b a GEEK..! 😉


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